Vagabond Kitchens @ Mercedes Benz Building Launch

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In October 2015, Vagabond Kitchens had the immense honour of catering for the 200-plus attendees at the Mercedes Benz building launch.

The menu for this illustrious event featured a selection of both hot and cold canapés, expertly prepared and served with flair.

“As Mercedes-Benz Paarl, it is expected that we live our brand. The pressure is always on us to show that we are market leaders in our field. On 13 October 2015, Vagabond Kitchens Catering played a major part in helping us live our Motto, “The Best or Nothing”, when they catered our first-of-its-kind building launch. Keeping to their roots, they designed a menu that combined edgy street food with a sophisticated elegance: 4000 canapé’s in 5 hours were served and each one was perfect. As a marketing manager, the best you can hope for is a memorable event, and the number of emails of thanks that I received was incredible. Note: the food was mentioned in almost all of them. Vagabond is definitely my choice for a catering company. They truly understand how to give you individual attention and make you feel like they have everything under control. I have already booked them for our next event and know that they have a very bright future in the Catering industry.” – Marketing Manager for Mercedes Benz

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