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Food is a

Just enjoy the ride.

We will set-up kitchen, literally, anywhere, like a wayward band of culinary nomads. Like vagabonds. And we’re not afraid to get our hands dirty — figuratively speaking, of course. We keep our physical hands squeaky clean at all times out of respect for the ingredients.

Besides, being conveniently mobile has taught us how to adapt and adjust our kitchen setup in order to fit a surprisingly wide spectrum of settings—which really is fortunate, because it positions us as the obvious choice in just about any scenario, from cobblestone market, to swanky event, to up-close-and-personal in your very own dining room.

Market Stores

Although we enjoy making food in exciting new spaces, there are a few select spots that hold a dear place in our nomad soles, whether because of a pleasing setting, a welcoming atmosphere, a warm reception, or a combination of the these factors. Should you ever find yourself in one of these spots, be sure to stop by and sample the goods.

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Catering Services

Anywhere. Intimate dinner parties. Raucous year-end functions. Curated food markets. Smoky festival foodcourts. We offer a dynamic and delicate balance of painless logistics and professional food making. If you’ll allow us to get sales-y for a second: it’s high quality with no compromise, from sourcing the staff to putting the finishing touches on the very last hors d’oeuvre, we’re always ready to go that extra mile. In fact, it’s kinda our thing.

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